Razor: A Boost Pedal That Cuts
Razor: A Boost Pedal That Cuts
Razor: A Boost Pedal That Cuts

Razor: A Boost Pedal That Cuts

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You’re picky about YOUR tone, and we get it, because we are too!  You need a boost that allows you to unlock YOUR unique sound, no matter what your setup is.

Meet the RAZOR

The Razor is unique boost that hails to the classic devices of old.  From warm clean boost, to spitting fuzz, the Razor will make sure that you cut through the mix. When it comes to grooming YOUR tone, you need the right tool for the job.  The Razor is that tool!

No matter what YOUR sound is, the Razor will get you there!  Unlock new tonal possibilities, and end the search for tone with the Moustache Audio Razor!

Custom Settings

The Razor features 4 easy-to-use controls that allow you to GROOM YOUR TONE:

Gain: From clean boost to a spitting fuzz machine.  Turn the dial and hold on!

Level: Turn it up and cut through the mix!

Lather:  Slap on the shaving cream to take the Razor into full-on fuzz territory!

Cut: How sharp do you need your blade?  Turn your Razor into a treble boost. 

Lead Time

The current lead time for the Razor is 2-4 weeks, although a limited stock will be held.  If you would like to buy a Razor and receive it sooner, you can order one from one of our Dealers!