Chevron V2: Not Your Ordinary Drive Pedal
Chevron V2: Not Your Ordinary Drive Pedal
Chevron V2: Not Your Ordinary Drive Pedal
Chevron V2: Not Your Ordinary Drive Pedal

Chevron V2: Not Your Ordinary Drive Pedal

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You’re picky about YOUR tone, and we get it, because we are too!  You need a drive pedal that allows you to unlock YOUR unique sound, no matter what your setup is.

Meet the CHEVRON V2

The Chevron V2 is an improvement on our flagship drive pedal, the Chevron.  It features easy-to-use controls that allow you to groom YOUR tone into whatever your needs or style may be.  From low-gain transparent overdrive to screaming mid-boosted distortion, the Chevron V2 does it all. Unlike many "green" overdrives, the Chevron works great with any style of amp or guitar.

The Chevron V2's tone stack (Color) separates it from most "green" drive pedals currently on the market. This passive Color control allows you to boost or cut your treble without affecting the bass signal, to give you the ultimate control of YOUR tone.  

The Chevron V2 also features an aggressive mid boost that adds extra density and gain, for a tone that cuts through the mix. This mid-boost can also be switched before or after the drive circuit.  This allows you to drive mid frequencies harder in the pre mode, or thicken your tone in post mode.  

The "tweakability" doesn’t stop there though!  With the internal Shave switch, you can shave off unwanted low end to clean up YOUR tone.  This allows you to go from tight “mid-focused” drive tones, to ultra-fat drive tones.   As said by one of our Moustachios, "Bottom end is Prettay Prettay Prettay nice"

The Chevron V2 also features variable clipping options with he internal Clip switch.  Engage the switch to utilize LED clipping for an even drive tone.  Disengage the Clip switch to remove all clipping diodes for open and dynamic op-amp clipping.

No matter what YOUR sound is, the Chevron V2 will get you there!  Unlock new tonal possibilities, and end the search for tone with the Moustache Audio Chevron V2!

Why is it called the Chevron?

The Chevron is the most basic no-nonsense moustache style.  Before you can grow a masterpiece on your face, you must first grow a Chevron.  The Chevron is then shaped to become whatever style moustache you desire. This is the idea behind the Moustache Audio Chevron.  A no-nonsense overdrive that has the tonal shaping capabilities to become whatever you need to groom YOUR tone. 

Custom Settings

GAIN: Crank this to issue a full-on assault on YOUR tone.

LEVEL: Controls the overall volume of the pedal.

COLOR: Shape your tone and make it bright or dark.

DENSITY: Thicken up your tone with this aggressive mid-boost.

STYLE: Change the character by swapping the order of Gain and Density.

CLIP: An internal switch that add or removes LED clipping.

SHAVE: An internal switch that shaves off bass for a tight low end.