Whisker: A Fuzz That Packs A Punch
Whisker: A Fuzz That Packs A Punch
Whisker: A Fuzz That Packs A Punch

Whisker: A Fuzz That Packs A Punch

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You’re picky about YOUR tone, and we get it, because we are too!  You need a Fuzz that allows you to unlock YOUR unique sound, no matter what your setup is.

Meet the Whisker

Are you ready to tussle? The Whisker is a Fuzz that packs a punch!  Based on an original Germanium-Silicon hybrid circuit, the Whisker gives you the best of both worlds.  The Whisker was designed around a limited stock of NOS Soviet Germanium transistors.  It takes you into classic fuzz territory and beyond while retaining the clarity and definition of YOUR sound.  

The Whisker is our secret weapon for great fuzz tones, and it never backs down from a fight.  Bass or guitar, it pummels them all!

No matter what YOUR sound is, the Whisker will get you there!  Unlock new tonal possibilities, and end the search for tone with the Moustache Audio Whisker!

Custom Settings

The Whisker features 3 easy-to-use controls that allow you to GROOM YOUR TONE:

Level: Controls the overall volume of the pedal. Less isn't more, more is more.  

Fuzz: Determines how much fight you've got in ya. Turn it up for thick brutal fuzz.

Attitude: How tough are ya? This will change the bias, so you can spit on your opponent!

Lead Time

The current lead time for the Whisker is 2-4 weeks, however a limited stock will be held.  If you would like to buy a Whisker and receive it sooner, you can order one from one of our Dealers!